Staff | Alabama Shakespeare Festival
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Alabama Shakespeare Festival

a not-for-profit organization under the direction of

Rick Dildine

Artistic Director

Todd Schmidt

Executive Director


Associate Artistic Director: Madeleine Lambert

Artistic Coordinator: Cameron Williams

Resident Dramaturg: Dr. Susan Willis

Director of Production: Eddie Coffield

Assistant Production Manager: Emma Scott

Company Manager: Brooke Morgan

Production Assistant: Olivia Grace Tippett

Director of Costume Production: Ryan Sozzi

Shop Foreman/Senior Draper: Lester Kiser

Draper: Michelle Pettit

Junior Draper: Rachel Irvin

First Hands: Rachel Irvin, Cameron Wasner

Stitchers: Jacob Early, Thomas Price

Crafts Artisan: Meeka Fontaine

Head of Hair & Makeup: Hannah Lunt

Assistant Head of Hair & Makeup: Whitley Adams

Wig Crew: Cheyenne Singleton

Wardrobe Supervisor/Rental Coordinator: Dori Seigneur

Electrics Department Supervisor: Philip Hahn

Assistant Electrics Supervisor – Festival Stage: Brandon Vick

Assistant Electrics Supervisor – Octagon Stage: Aaron Burns

Sound Department Manager: Russell Bush

Lead Audio Technician: Simon Tursky

Assistant Audio Technician: Cassandra Whitt

Properties Department Manager: Shanley Aumiller

Prop Artisan Emeritus: Charles Kilian

Technical Director: Matthew Holl

Assistant Technical Director: Bridget Scrivner

Carpenters: Rick Hulsey, Andrew Johnson, Lazarus Salinas

Scenic Charge: Jessica Carlson

Scenic Paint Crew: Em Miller

Stage Operations Supervisor: Ryan Orso

Assistant Stage Operations Supervisor: Suzanne Shugart


Director of Finance: Laura O’Donahue

Accounts Manager: Carolyn Dubose

Human Resources Manager: Jill Samuelson

Director of Development: Eve Loeb

Development Manager: Lindsey Jinright

Director of Marketing & Communications: Layne Holley

Senior Graphic Designer: Brandy Blackburn

Senior Marketing Manager: Leigh Owen

Digital Marketing Manager: Hillary Taylor

Events & Front of House Coordinator: Michael Buchanan

House Managers: Ashley Broadway, Vonn Howard

SchoolFest & Group Sales Manager: Stan Thomas

Group Sales Lead: Julius Taylor

Director of Information Technology: Jeremy Ramsey

Facilities Manager: Alan Rod

Facilities Staff: Kelvin Smith, Mark Wilson, Roderick Hasberry,  Lashonda Sankey

Master Gardener: Karen Weber

ASF is proud to support the Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts

Executive Director: Randy Foster

Alabama Shakespeare Festival and its artists, staff, and artisans are busy at work. The pandemic is inspiring us to develop creative programs and events to bring the arts to you in this age of social distancing. Please join us along this journey by making a contribution today. Your tax-deductible gift will help ASF engage, entertain, and inspire students and adults. 

Gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated.