Theatre Etiquette | Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Theatre Etiquette & Behavior Guidelines

Alabama Shakespeare Festival is delighted for you to join us for a SchoolFest Student Matinee! Please review the following information with your students before your visit to the theatre.

• When you arrive at the theatre, please take a moment to use the restrooms. Once the performance begins, we ask that you stay seated. Some productions have an intermission in the middle of the play, and you will be allowed to take a bathroom break at that time.

• Alabama Shakespeare Festival is the State Theatre of Alabama. Treat the facility as you would a museum or historical site: leave food, drinks, and gum at home, and please keep your feet off the seats inside the theatre.

• Due to copyright laws, we cannot allow photographs or video to be taken while you are inside the theatre. Feel free to snap a selfie or group shot in the Grand Lobby and on the ASF grounds!

• Live performances require a present, attentive audience. You are encouraged to respond appropriately to the performance: laugh if it’s funny, cry if it’s sad. Remember that the actors can hear and even see you, so make sure that your reactions positively impact the performance.

• Cell phones, and any other devices that light up or make noise are distracting to your fellow audience members and the actors on stage. Please keep all electronics off and stowed away during the performance.

• Chaperones are encouraged to help students exhibit positive behavior during the performance. We ask that chaperones intersperse themselves amongst the students.