Agitators | Alabama Shakespeare Festival //LOCALiQ - Added 6/22/2021 //Bahakel Brand

The Agitators

Show guidelines

The script explores the 40-year friendship between Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass and deals with topics such as slavery, discrimination, racism, sexism, rape, and war.


  • The words “damn” and “nigger” are used in the script


Sexual Innuendo:

  • None


Drugs & Alcohol:

  • None



  • Mention of whipping and lynching
  • One of the character’s lips bleed, and another character cuts the palm of their hand
  • Reference to throwing rocks at a character, shattering a character’s wrist, knocking a character unconscious, a character having their “brains dashed out upon the pavement”
  • Gunshots are scripted
  • References to killing



Mature Content:

  • Mention of prostitution
  • Reference to a house burning down
  • Mention of the Ku Klux Klan