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ASF recently commissioned 22 Southern playwrights to each create original pieces on the theme of “home.”

The playwrights collaborated with actors from around the country to bring these new works to life.

The Porch
Written By Gloria Bond Clunie

Performed by Jen Harper

Written by Jacqueline Goldfinger

Performed by Emily Jeanne Brown

The Cat
Written by Lauren Gunderson

Performed by Suehyla El-Attar

Bowen Homes: October 1980
Written By Jonathan Norton

Performed by Cynthia Barker

Home is Where You’re Who You Are
Written By Daryl Lisa Fazio

Performed by Madeleine Lambert

A Personal Sanctuary
Written by Jiréh Breon Holder

Performed by Terrell Donnell Sledge

Coming Home
Written by Pearl Cleage

Performed by Darlene Hope

98 People on Live
Written by Audrey Cefaly

Performed by Rachel Burttram

Written By Donnetta Lavinia Grays

Performed by Martin K. Lewis

Written by Mary Lynn Owen

Performed by Terry Burrell

Written by Lisa D’Amour

Performed by Troi Bechet

Picture of a Tree
Written by Christina Quintana (CQ)

Performed by David Huynh

Written By Malcolm Tariq

Performed by Tyler Tate

Don’t Promise Me the Whistle Stop
Written by Evan Linder

Performed by Alex Grubbs

The Other Gospel
Written by Dana L. Stringer

Performed by Minka Wiltz

Cherokee Rose’s Succotash
Written by Addae Moon

Performed by Olivia Dawson

Frances and Anthony
Written by Will Arbery

Performed by Alan Knoll

the pigs
Written by Korde Arrington Tuttle

Performed by Chalia La Tour

Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread
Written By Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

Performed by Cynthia Barrett

The Way He Should Go
Written by Quinton Cockrell

Performed by Christopher Gerson

What You Can Fix
Written By Topher Payne

Performed by Shannon Eubanks

Rum and Biscuits
Written by David Lee Nelson

Performed by Joy Vandervort-Cobb

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