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Saint Joan:

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The story of Joan, a simple peasant girl, who fights for France, claiming that God is guiding her actions. She is executed as a heretic when she refuses life in prison.


  • Words: bewitched, devils, slut, curs, damn, damned, damnation, blockhead, dithering, goddam, imbecile, hell, hellfire, wench, bastard, ass, strumpet, harlot, witchcraft, sorcery, witch, the Prince of Darkness, Satan, naked, backside
  • A character is named the Bastard of Orleans.
  • Phrases: “Christ in Heaven, she did come from God”; “By all the devils in Hell”
  • Some characters dismiss the power of prayer.
  • Talk of violence and racism toward Jews and Mohammed.

Sexual Innuendo

The queen denying the legitimacy of her own son; “I know the sort of girl that is always talking to soldiers”; “the common lusts of the flesh”

Drugs & Alcohol

Some mention of drink and being drunk.


  • Threats of breaking a servant’s neck, kicking a man out of the castle gate, throwing a man downstairs
  • Mention of burning witches, hanging thieves
  • A man is seized by the scruff of his neck
  • Phrases/Threats: “Shove her along quick”; “Thrash the madness out of you”; “He has fallen into a well and been drowned”; “I have a mind to pitch you into the river”; “think of my boot, and take your backside out of reach of it”; “I will put you in the iron cage for a month”; “I will strangle the accursed witch with my own hands”; “We shall burn the witch and beat the bastard”; “This woman had her throat pierced by an English arrow”
  • Banging fists on the table, raising of fists
  • Mention of murder, torture
  • There are many graphic references to burning Joan as a witch
  • Joan is brought to court in chains

Mature Content

  • The issue of punishment by burning at the stake
  • War and killing