SM | Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Steel Magnolias:

Show guidelines

The hilarious and heartwarming story of six Southern women who gather and gossip at the local beauty parlor. With wit, warmth, and intelligence, they rise to meet whatever challenges life sends their way.


  • The words damn, hell, Jezebel, and “smart ass” are used in the script.
  • The phrase “piss God off” is used.

Sexual Innuendo

Skinny-dipping and “rubbers” are referenced.

Drugs & Alcohol

  • A character uses the phrase “drinking, smoking, and running around.”
  • The words “drugs” and “high” are used.
  • The sentence “they were both high, smoking everything but their shoes” is used.


  • Gunshots are scripted.
  • A character’s dog is given the command, “Kill, Rhett, Kill!”
  • A character uses explosives to clear his property of birds.
  • A character uses the phrase “[you will] pull back a bloody stump” as a threat.

Mature Content

  • A political scandal involving “Miss Merry Christmas” and a politician at a local motel is referenced in the script.
  • A coming out story is referenced in the script.