Ruby | Alabama Shakespeare Festival //LOCALiQ - Added 6/22/2021

Ruby: The Story of Ruby Bridges:

Show guidelines

The script deals with topics such as segregation, racism, and civil rights.


  • The words “darkies,” “negro,” “burr-head,” and “chigaroo” are used in the script
  • Talk of racism toward black people


Sexual Innuendo:

  • None


Drugs & Alcohol:

  • Mention of wine and tobacco



  • Threats to throwing a brick at a car, throwing acid in a character’s face, poisoning a character
  • Reference of attack dogs and using water hoses as a weapon
  • Depiction of a doll in a coffin


Mature Content:

  • Reference to killing and guns
  • A description of a confederate flag is scripted
  • Mention of the Ku Klux Klan