ATTCFM | Alabama Shakespeare Festival //LOCALiQ - Added 6/22/2021

And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank

Show guidelines

The script deals with the Holocaust and features verbatim accounts from survivors.


  • The word “gypsy” is used in the script
  • The phrase “Heil, Hitler” is scripted, along with anti-Semitic verbiage


Sexual Innuendo:

  • None


Drugs & Alcohol:

  • The script mentions Cognac



  • Violent sounds are scripted such as glass breaking, screeching brakes, and shouting
  • Reference to a character getting hit over the shoulder with a sledgehammer, smashing furniture, a character’s nose and eye being cut, beating, torture, hanging, and strangling a puppy
  • Mention of burning synagogues
  • Reference to shooting and guns


Mature Content:

  • Mention of concentration camps, gas chambers, and death
  • Reference to a character stripping naked
  • Mention of suicide