Theatre Etiquette & House Rules | Alabama Shakespeare Festival

Theatre Etiquette & House Rules

We ask that you review the following information with your students before your visit to the theatre.

  • Use the restrooms upon arrival. If you leave the theatre while the performance is in progress, you may not be allowed back inside.

  • Do not eat candy or chew gum during the performance. Food and drinks are not allowed in the theatre.

  • Do not place your feet on the chair in front of you, on the stage, or balcony railing.

  • It is against copyright laws to take photographs of any kind inside the theatre. You are welcome to take photographs in the Grand Lobby and on the ASF grounds.

  • Turn OFF and put away all electronic devices before entering the theatre. Using your cell phone during the performance will not be tolerated. (If possible, please prevent your students from bringing such items with them to the theatre).

  • In live theatre, the actors can see and hear the audience. Please be respectful of the actors by not whispering or talking during the performance.

  • Please have chaperones spaced out among your students for maximum supervision.

  • An announcement will be made to indicate the beginning of a performance and the beginning of the second act. Return to the same seats following intermission.

  • We reserve the right to ask audience members to leave if they become disruptive.