By Charles Dickens

Adapted by Geoffrey Sherman


Nancy Rominger^, Director
Joel Jones, Musical Director
Paul Wonsek, Scenic Designer
Elizabeth Novak, Costume Designer
Tom Rodman, Lighting Designer
Brett Rominger, Sound Designer
Susan Willis, Dramaturg
Hannah-Jean Farris*, Stage Manager
Wyatt Silman, Production Assistant


(In alphabetical order)

Noelia Antweiler*, Belle, Charlotte, Fred’s wife
Brik Berkes*, Marley, Old Joe
James Bowen*, Charity Man, Christmas Present
Seth Andrew Bridges*, Fred, Fezziwig Guest
Josh Cahn~, Stage Manager, Street Person, Milkman
Rodney Clark*, Ebenezer Scrooge
Katie Fanning~, Caroler, Fezziwig Guest
Ithamar Francois~, Street Person, Baker at Fezziwig’s, Businessman
Brian Ott~, Street Person, Belle’s Husband
Jacqueline Petroccia*, Mrs. Cratchit, Fezziwig Guest
Woodrow Proctor~, Caroler, Young Scrooge, Christmas Future
Collin M. Purcell~, Street Person, Fezziwig Guest, Fred’s Party Guest (A Vicar)
David Schmittou*, Charles Dickens, Mr. Fezziwig, Topper
Billy Sharpe*, Bob Cratchit, Fezziwig Guest
Lara Treacy~, Caroler, Fezziwig Guest, Fred’s Party Guest (Catherine)
Fredena J. Williams*, Mrs. Fezziwig, Mrs. Dilber
Lilly Wilton*, Christmas Past, Shop Girl, Fred’s Party Guest
Colin Wulff~, Caroler, Fezziwig Guest, Butcher, Businessman
Charlie Hill / Lance Perkowski, Boy Caroler, Turkey Boy
Steven H. Gorden / Joseph McDonald, Peter, Kid Playing, Fezziwig Guest, Boy Scrooge
Brooklyn Norstedt / Claire Poundstone, Belinda, Kid Playing, Fezziwig Guest, Belle’s Child
Erin Mitchell / Josie Stough, Fan, Martha, Kid Playing, Fezziwig Guest
Sam Bolger / Matthew Craymer, Tiny Tim, Kid Playing
Vinny Figiera, Ignorance, Street Kid, Kid Playing
Amia Curry / Angelina Xu Dong, Want, Street Kid, Kid Playing


     Josh Cahn~ for Businessmen/Fred’s Party Guest (A Vicar); Katie Fanning~ for Fred’s Party Guest/Mrs. Cratchit/Mrs. Fezziwig/Mrs. Dilber; Ithamar Francois~ for Stage Manager/Charity Man/Christmas Present/Christmas Future; Brian Ott~ for Fezziwig Guest/Caroler/Young Scrooge/Bob Cratchit; Woodrow Proctor~ for Ebenezer Scrooge; Collin M. Purcell~ for Marley/Old Joe/Bell’s Husband/Charles Dickens, Mr. Fezziwig/Topper; Lara Treacy~ for Belle/Charlotte, Fred’s Wife/Christmas Past; Colin Wulff~ for Fred/Fred’s Party Guest (violin)


* Member of Actors’ Equity Association

~Member of Intern Acting Company

^ Member of Society of Directors and Choreographers